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COVID-19 Alert


It certainly is an uncertain time in the world. We just wanted to reach out to our valued past, present, and future customers, to assure them that Mint Printing Australia is not going anywhere during this difficult period.

Obviously health is everyone’s first priority at the moment and our thoughts are with everyone affected by COVID-19. As a business we are taking all the recommended precautions and our six major printing hubs Australia-wide, provides us with comfortable isolation.

Economically the world is also very unsettled and we just wanted to reassure you that we are here to support you through this period. Our stocks and consumables are always shored up well into the future and recent meetings with our suppliers have confirmed our supply chain will not be interrupted. Freight carriers have not communicated any delays to current services. We have multiple options if any particular carrier is impacted.

We understand any potential hardships that many Australian businesses may face in the coming months. If your business is directly impacted with COVID-19 and are having difficulties please contact us and we will assist you in any way we can.

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We will continue to keep you informed if the situation changes in regards to manufacturing in any particular site, products being impacted or any other service disruptions. Stay safe.

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