Mint Printing Australia

Our Difference

There are dozens of choices out there in the world of print… Here you’ll find what makes Mint Printing stand out from the rest of our competitors.

Real People

We understand that there are tonnes of variables and many questions that can pop up when starting a print or design project. Most of the time you just need quick info and it’s frustrating attempting to communicate with an automated chatbot that only knows a few standard answers, or directs you to an unrelated page. What’s even worse is finally finding a number to call, only to be greeted by a virtual assistant from overseas, or being told by a pre-recorded voice to check the website.

We avoid these endless cycles entirely by being actual local human beings on the other end of the phone line or other side of the chat window. Our small team is always ready to personally answer your questions, no matter how trivial or silly you think they may be.

Personal Touch

After you’ve contacted us, you’ll be assigned a team member that will help you every step of the way. You won’t get caught up in a web of CC’d emails between multiple people… Your personal account manager will sort out absolutely everything.

So, you can rest easy knowing that a dedicated staffer will be there to assist you from the infancy stages of your project, right through to the finished product. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Premium Quality

We only use the highest grade raw materials Australia has to offer, so you know that your final product will be leagues ahead of your competitors that are using the budget print companies. Sure, if you dig around enough out there, you‘ll be able to find some pretty mouth-watering prices… But you’ll find you end up paying in other ways, such as reordering the same items multiple times when the durability or shelf life isn’t up to scratch. You may even find your reputation takes a hit if you’re handing out substandard marketing materials.

That’s why we say top-shelf or nothing! We are still very competitively priced, and on top of that we know that everything leaving our print hubs has been triple-checked and is of the highest calibre Australia has to offer.

Free Delivery

Yes, you read that correctly. We hate surprise fees, and we know you do too! That’s why we’ve made it easy… When you receive a quote from us, expect the following… Everything will be itemised, GST is always included, and you don’t ever need to worry about delivery fees (no matter where you are in Australia).

The price you get quoted is the price you pay. End of story.

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