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Canvas Prints

Canvas prints fit somewhere between a sign, poster, and heartwarming gift. These things deserve their own category for a reason.

Product Description

Our mounted canvas prints literally stand out from regular posters and signage. They make awesome decorations, wall features, or dazzling gifts for those special moments in life. Every canvas piece that we send out is 100% hand-crafted from one of our talented framing professionals. These products need care and attention when they are being assembled, and even though our manufacturing machinery is very well tuned, canvases deserve that important human touch.

Because mounted canvas prints are stretched around a wooden block frame, it means your design doesn’t have to end at the forward-facing corners. We have a few options when it comes to optimising your design for the edges of your canvas too. A popular choice is scaling your full design up a bit so that it wraps around all four edges, or another common option is to have a solid colour creating a striking bordered edge. And lastly, a very unique edge design idea is to have the print mirrored at an equal scale away from the front-facing corners.

You don’t even have to get your canvas prints mounted, stretched, or framed. We have loads of artist and photography customers that simply prefer the look and feel of our flat canvas, linen, and alternative print materials. There are boundless options to suit every need so get in touch with us to find out more.


Canvas prints are 100% custom made and cut to size. That being said, we will always ask you what size you are aiming for and let you know what we recommend based on our more popular sizes.


A few different types of finishing to get you thinking…

  • Wood block mounted
  • Wrapped edge
  • Coloured edge
  • Mirrored edge
  • Supplied flat (no mounting)

Turnaround Time

Canvas prints usually take 3-5 business days depending on size and quantity requested.

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