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Flags can be chilling indoors or flapping like crazy in the wind. Either way, they are bound to draw attention.

Product description

Flags can accentuate your business, event, or product in a select range of specific shapes, but for a vast variety of different locations and occasions. Our teardrop flags (sometimes referred to as teardrop banners) are probably the most common in Australia and dare we say, the world. That’s because they work perfectly indoors and outdoors, come in a few different sizes, and are usually the most affordable. You’ll often see these bad boys outside car dealerships, at expos, or even fluttering around at the beach. They come with a fantastic selection of bases to suit all sorts of locations, a carry bag, and they assemble/pack down without difficulty. Some other popular shapes include feather, bow, or rectangle.

You can choose for your design to be printed single sided only (with the image coming through mirrored and a little bit faded on the other side), or you could have full double sided print with blockout UV protection between both sides. Our flags are not afraid of a little wind. Our heavy duty ball bearing spindle swivels perfectly, and the user-friendly reinforced poles are made of fibreglass and steel. Bring it on.

Get in touch with us for a quote or if you have any questions at all regarding our flags. What are you waiting for?

Shapes / Styles

Some common shapes & styles…

  • Teardrop
  • Feather
  • Bow
  • Rectangle


Some common flag bases…

  • Ground spike
  • Cross base
  • Water bag
  • Metal plate
  • Wall bracket
  • Car wheel clamp

Not all flag shapes are compatible with every base type.

Turnaround Time

Flags can be as quick as 24-hour dispatch for simpler orders, but it can potentially take a little while longer if we have to order in less popular bases, or there are bigger jobs ahead of you in our production queue.

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