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Graphic Design

Design is crucial in the world of print. Start strong and it’s smooth sailing for the rest of the journey.

About Graphic Design

You will have heard the term ‘graphic design’ crop up over and over again when rummaging around the web, and probably with varying descriptions too, so we’re going to let you know what it means to us, and how we get things done!

Put simply, graphic design is the process of combining shapes, colours, and text to create visual compositions. It often includes logos, colour schemes/branding, and layout techniques suited to the specific item that needs to be printed on or displayed digitally. Graphic design is important because it’s a simple tool that greatly enhances the way you communicate with other people. It’s the easiest and most effective way to bring prospective customers to you.

Our Approach

Here at Mint Printing we have a dedicated team of designers that will be assigned to your project from day one. They can help with anything, whether it’s tidying up existing artwork or documents to make them ready for print, or starting from scratch with a blank canvas. No job is too big or too small.

It all usually starts with a one-on-one talk (via phone, email, online chat, or even in person) so we can get a better understanding of what it is you are trying to accomplish. We will ask you questions that cover the basics and also ask if you have any examples of things that you have seen and like the looks of. This all helps us determine the scope of your project more clearly. The more detailed you can be in this brainstorming phase, the easier it will be for our designers to bring your ideas to life.

Next, we will give you a competitive quote based on how much time we expect your job to take. This quote is valid indefinitely unless the complexity of your project changes drastically. Any quote changes are always discussed up front so don’t fear, there will never be any surprise fees.

After all this has been reviewed and agreed upon, we will ask for an artwork deposit (amount varies from job to job) and get to work! You are provided with proofs of your artwork along the way to always ensure our designers are heading in the right direction. We take pride in everybody being on the same page throughout the entire design process. After all final changes have been made and you are 100% happy with your finished product, we can move on to the print stage (if necessary), or send you your files in whatever graphic/image format you need them in. We keep a copy of everything on file just in case changes need to be made in the future.

And that’s it… Now you have a dazzling new design to show off to the world!


A few questions we get asked a lot when it comes to graphic design.

It’s essentially limitless! Some of the items we get asked to design all the time are business cards, brochures, and flyers. Brick and mortar businesses often need signage, bands are always after posters, or you might want a calendar designed as a gift to your family for the holidays. Whatever you need whipping up, we’re all over it!

We’ve dabbled in them all but have firmly landed on the Adobe suite as our daily driver. Programs we use everyday are Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

We have a system in place that almost entirely eliminates the chance of that happening. We will update you with artwork drafts as we go along to make sure you are happy with the direction we are heading. You can ask us to make changes before we continue onto the next iteration. These edits are covered in our initial quote up to a certain point, so don’t worry if you want to see some changes or variants.

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