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With so many options available, custom label printing online can be a bit daunting. Luckily — Mint Printing makes it easy.

Product Description

Custom label rolls and sheets are amongst our biggest sellers for a few key reasons:

• Labels are used extensively across every industry in Australia.
• We have hundreds of pre-made label shapes and sizes to choose from.
• Our ability to cut any custom shape on request — Down to the millimetre.
• So many styles! From budget to deluxe (and sometimes even fancy-pants).
• No MOQ. Smaller orders are easy, but we will always show you multiple quantity brackets.
• We are 100% equipped for larger orders in the tens of thousands.
• Our labels can be supplied to suit your specific hand or machine application requirements.

Labels have a many common uses, so to make your life easier we have a huge collection of pre-made dies of all shapes and sizes. However, we’re aware that the label you’re after might have unique parameters to suit a particular bottle, jar, pouch, box, or container… We can just as easily create you a custom knife shape, and this will stay on file with us for ever. If you need help in the world of Packaging — We’ve also got you covered.

There are many variables when it comes to labels, so if you’re having trouble thinking of what style you need, start by considering its intended purpose or application in the real world. This helps determine what type of material/substrate we print on. Here are our two most popular subcategories:

Paper Labels

Do you need simple labels that are only intended for a one-time use? Or perhaps you just need some cheap-and-easy branding to whack on your products or packaging — Paper labels would be the way to go. You can have them as uncoated traditional matte paper or maybe even a vibrant glossy paper stock. We do paper labels for florists, gift shops, artists, or any other business that needs to easily/softly seal their items. But primarily, we see our paper labels being used by retail brands across the country.

Let’s be honest — The main reason these things are popular is because they are light on the wallet and they get the job done. Customers adore our paper labels, but this material only goes so far… If you need labels that are longer lasting (including UV-resistance, waterproofing, temperature/humidity resistance, or industrial-strength requirements), then you might want to consider this upgrade:

Vinyl / Synthetic Labels (Monomeric, Polymeric, Polypropylene)

Our top sellers are synthetic vinyl labels to suit an enormous variety of bottles, jars, pouches, packets, custom boxes, and any other item that needs to be on a shelf or in a fridge. These labels are more suited for items that need to have immediate durability, or just generally need to last longer.

Let’s talk shelf life… Vinyl generally comes in 2-5 year grades, and you might have to also consider if your labels are going to be exposed to the sun, under strong lights, in different humidities and temperatures, or might even need extra protection while in transit or on the shelf. UV resistance and waterproofing are built into certain materials, and you have an array of different varnishes or laminations to choose from for extra aesthetics and protection.

A vast majority of our customers have high-volume label printing requirements… Including breweries (kombucha/beer/wine/gin), herbal supplement distributors, the hemp/terpenes industry, medicine, chilli sauce/oil, coffee houses, beef jerky/biltong shops, musicians, schools/universities, religious/council/government institutions, face painters, offices/corporations, restaurants/pubs, tradies, festivals/events… Plus some other things we probably can’t mention if we want to keep our PG rating. Let’s just say that we cater to every industry and we have even more options to make your next batch of labels really stand out:

Special Finishes

So now that we have just discussed the clear difference between our paper labels and our synthetic labels, the line actually gets a bit blurry. This is because both paper and synthetic labels have an additional set of specialty stocks and unique finishes to choose from in their own respective categories. To explain things a little bit easier, here are some popular fancy finishes and extra upgrades to consider:

• Lamination or varnish
• Embossing or debossing
• Silver metallic stock
• Spot UV or foiling
• Clear material with WCMYK print

You also have further options when it comes to how your labels are supplied to you. For example, they can be printed on rolls for use with label applicators and custom manual workstations, or we could print your labels on A4 sheets (kiss cut and ready to be peeled). You could even have your logo printed as packing tape for extra branding.

… This section is currently being updated. Please check back soon 🙂 …

The Right Choice

Now that you’ve seen the endless possibilities in the world of labels, it’s also important to know the limitations. Some of the options above are not compatible with each other, so it’s best to get in touch with us to see what combinations are possible.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time varies depending on what stock, quantity and style of label you have decided on. For simple label sheets, we can usually dispatch them within 3-5 business days, but for more unique shape-cut labels, larger quantities, or special materials, this could take a week or two.

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