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We’ll help you with everything from logos, icons, and slogans, all the way through colour palette, style, and font design.

About Logo Design & Branding

The entire graphic design field is quite broad. A specific subsection we focus on here at Mint Printing is logo design and brand recognition. These are the design elements that really tie everything together.

Logos are recognisable symbols made up of text and shape elements. These are often coloured to match the feel or aesthetic of a business or project, but can be just as impactful in solid black or white. A great logo is the foundation of any brand. It helps draw customers in by giving them a visual representation of your products, services, and values.

Some key signs of a well-designed logo are in how recognisable it is, how it stands out from the rest of your competition, and how well it delivers key information about your brand. It’s good to look at what logos other brands are using in your industry or category. That way you can avoid copying cliches and focus on something distinctive. Still, there is a fine balance between being unique and being utterly confusing. You also want your logo to provide your customer with vital information such as industry, demographic, values, price, and quality amongst other things.

At the end of the day, you want your logo to leave a lasting impression with anybody who glances at it, and for it to be a true representation of your brand.

Our Approach

We treat logo creation with the same care and attention that all areas of graphic design deserve. Logos can be tricky to come up with by yourself from scratch, so it’s imperative that you communicate all ideas and questions to the designer assigned to your project. They will be there from the get-go and will assist you with everything you need.

It all starts with an open discussion. We love talking to our customers in person, over the phone or even via online chat. This really helps us understand the logo idea you are cooking up. Discussions are further summed up or clarified via email, so the discussion can start here too if that’s more convenient. And don’t worry if you don’t know what direction you are supposed to be heading in… This initial chat will at least help us find areas of design to avoid. Process of elimination is a remarkable tool in its own right.

We will give you a number of questions that we think are important to cover some of the basics. This helps us narrow down your industry, target audience, and how you want your business or brand to be perceived. From here we will give you a competitive quote based on the complexity of everything discussed. This quote will vary from job to job, so you know that every logo we create is specifically tailored to you. Our quotes are valid indefinitely unless your project changes drastically. Any quote changes are always discussed up front so don’t fear, there will never be any surprise fees.

After all this has been reviewed and agreed upon, we will ask for an artwork deposit (amount varies from job to job) and get to work! You are provided with proofs of your artwork along the way to always ensure our designers are heading in the right direction. We take pride in everybody being on the same page throughout the entire design process. After all final changes have been made and you are 100% happy with your finished product, we can move on to other areas of design (for example creating you a business card design with your fresh new logo), or send you your files in whatever graphic/image format you need them in. We keep a copy of everything on file just in case changes need to be made in the future.

And that’s it… Now you have a dazzling new logo to show off to the world!


A few questions we get asked a lot when it comes to logo design and branding.

This depends on a few things… Firstly, the complexity of your logo will decide how much time we have to spend on it (often less is more). Secondly, the more you contribute in the beginning stages of the discussion process, the clearer an understanding we will have before starting work, and therefore the less time we are likely to spend with guess-work. Another thing that affects completion time will be communication between yourself and the designer. If an email has been sent to you with something to review, we generally won’t continue work until hearing confirmation back from you or edits to be made. Lastly, external factors such as staff availability and current workload will come into play in some instances.

How many do you need? We can give you as many variants as you want, but keep in mind that this will be reflected in the quote you recieve. Two versions of a logo is particularly common, and each of these versions having a black, white and full colour option.

After you have paid for the logo, it belongs to you. However we reserve the right to use your logo in our portfolio.

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