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Posters / Prints

Spice up bland looking walls or windows with our delicious range of posters and hangable prints. Advertising, in your face!

Product Description

Posters and prints are the best way to grab the attention of passersby, and they also create great POS (point of sale) advertising opportunities. They are almost impossible to avoid, making them one of the most powerful physical marketing tools we have to offer.

One of the most common sizes for posters is A3. You’ll see these everywhere… Outside bars and cafes, inside shop windows, or plastered throughout shopping centres. Our A3 posters are usually printed on 170gsm gloss paper but there are a wide range of other paper styles and thicknesses to choose from. But also, we can go bigger… A2, A1, A0, or even your own custom behemoth! We tend to steer clear of paper material for these larger sizes, and luckily we have an amazing synthetic 200gsm stock that is specifically designed for the job. It looks and prints exactly the same as paper, but is waterproof and more importantly tear-resistant, meaning it’s less likely to crease or rip when unrolling and repositionsing.

After you’ve chosen your desired size and stock, there are some finishing options available such as the addition of double sided tape, eyelets, or velcro dots. Just let us know how you want to hang your poster and we’ll tell you your best option. Please keep in mind that not all styles and options can be combined. It’s always best to have a quick chat with us if you have any queries.


Some standard sizes…

  • A3 (portrait or landscape)
  • A2 (portrait or landscape)
  • A1 (portrait or landscape)
  • A0 (portrait or landscape)

Or your own custom size!


A few different types of finishing to get you thinking…
  • Double sided tape
  • Eyelets
  • Lamination (gloss, matte, whiteboard)
  • Router cutting to custom shapes
  • Velcro dots

Turnaround Time

A3 Posters are printed more often so we can generally get these out within a day or two. Other sizes are done on our wide format printer and take a bit more time to print/dry. Depending on the size of your order we would generally say 3-5 working days. Please always allow an extra day for delivery, and get in touch with us if you have a specific deadline.

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