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Custom affordable sticker printing has never been easier. See why Mint Printing is the best for custom made stickers online.

Product Description

Sticker printing easily has the most options when it comes to customisation, and this is because they have so many different purposes out there in the real world. Here we’ll explain a few of the variables that should be considered when thinking of your next batch of stickers.

A good place to start is with the actual material you want your stickers to be printed on. This can be as simple as square cut matte/gloss paper stickers, or you may need harder-wearing custom shape vinyl stickers with free lamination. We can even print on speciality stocks holographic or transparent polypropylene. Or you may want to be fancy and get some gold foiling or embossing!

Custom Shape Stickers (Die Cut Vinyl)

Because they are our most popular, here’s some info on our custom shape die cut vinyl stickers. First, you’ll want to have a think about what shape/size you’re after, and what quantity you are thinking of ordering — Don’t worry, we will always give you back a few quantity brackets to choose from. You may want square/rectangle stickers, or perhaps a circle or oval? You may already have a logo ready to go and just need us to cut around your design. Our die cut vinyl printing/cutting machine can easily cut around any custom shape with only a few limitations on sharp corners and intricate/tiny details. The bonus with vinyl sticker printing is whether you want a square, oval, or custom shape… Anything that fits within the same surface area is the same price, so you don’t pay extra if you have a funky design. 😎

Our premium shape-cut stickers are a great promotional tool for small businesses, bands, or artists, and they end up useful in every industry from technical machinery and merchandise booths to shelf-ready retail products and collectables. They can be used as giveaways with other products, or as a branding tool for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, business owners, or visual artists. It’s exhausting just thinking of all the practical uses.

How will your shape affect the price? We made it easy. Any shape that fits within the same surface area is the same price. This includes square stickers, rectangle stickers, circle or round stickers, and literally any other custom shape to fit snugly around your logo or design. Let’s use 100cm² as an example…

  • Sizes to consider: 10x10cm / 11x9cm / 12x8cm / 14x7cm / 16x6cm.
  • We generally don’t print stickers narrower than 5cm.
  • Sharp or intricate cutting patterns are to be avoided.

Mint Printing can help you with all custom sticker printing in Melbourne and Australia wide. Your project might even be better suited to custom label printing. Whether you’re after business sticker printing, artist sticker printing, or something else entirely — here’s a quick list of some ways our custom stickers can be used.

  • Promotional stickers
    – For businesses to use as marketing material
    – For artists to sell at gig/events
    – For giveaways
  • Business stickers
  • Artist stickers
  • Event stickers
  • Gig stickers
  • Novelty stickers
  • Clear Stickers
  • Product stickers
  • Window Stickers
  • Branded Stickers
  • Name stickers
  • Bumper stickers

If you need a bigger size, higher quantity, or have any other questions — Contact us for a custom quote.

The Right Choice

Now that you’ve seen the endless possibilities in the world of stickers, it’s also important to know the limitations. Some of the styles above are not compatible with each other, so it’s best to get in touch with us to see what combinations are possible.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time varies depending on what stock, quantity and style of sticker you have decided on. For our vinyl die cut stickers, expect delivery between 4-7 business days. Larger quantities, or special materials will add to the turnaround time.

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