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Marketing isn’t only limited to the physical world. Boost your online presence with attractive social media and a professional website.

About Web Design

These days you’re not going far without some sort of online presence. Prospective customers, suppliers, or partners are more likely to contact you (and stay in touch) if you have your own website and social media pages. These are the first places they will look to find your contact details and general information about your business or project.

Believe it or not, our team here at Mint Printing actually started in web design (back when you wrote code by hand). Nowadays, it’s a far simpler process with the rise of many ‘what you see is what you get’ website builders. That being said, even some of these website builders aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, so we’re here to listen to what you want, and find the right tools for the job.

Much like the way we tackle logo or graphic design and other digital artwork jobs, everything starts off with a friendly conversation with you. We can do this in person if you’re local, or easily chat on the phone or online. As each web/social media job differs so greatly, we need to know right out of the gate if you are after just a few social media images or a full corporate website with all the bells and whistles. There is one major difference when comparing website creation and general graphic design, and that is the amount of input we need from you. Designing a website is much more of a two-way street.

After seeing what sites you like the look of, what your competitors are doing, and what functionality you need, we need your actual content. We will outline exactly what we need when it comes to crunch time, but it usually involves you providing us with all the writing for each page and any necessary photographs and graphics.

After discussing your needs and working out the best approach to take, we will sum everything up in an email and give you a competitive quote. The quote you get is based on the complexity of your project, how long we predict it will take us to complete, and is always inclusive of changes along the way. This being said, if the project changes dramatically, the quote may need to be adjusted accordingly.

After all this has been reviewed and agreed upon, we will ask for a deposit (amount varies from job to job) and get to work! You are provided with draft versions of pages along the way to always ensure our designers are heading in the right direction. We take pride in everybody being up to date throughout the entire design process.

And that’s it… soon you will have a dazzling new website or social media presence!


A few questions we get asked a lot when it comes to web design and social media.

It really depends on how complex your site (or social media project) is. The pace of the project also relies on how communicative and responsive you are when it comes to supplying content and replying to our emails. However, a ballpark turnaround time for social media images, or small one-page sites is about a week or two. Larger sites or more complex web jobs can take a few months.

Yes! We will give you access to the back end of the site so you can dive in and make edits yourself. If you don’t think you’re up to the task, we often recommend at least getting in touch with us first and we can discuss what needs to be done.

You do! We are simply acting as the tool to get your information out there. We don’t know the intricacies of your business or personal project so you need to have a think about what needs to be said. Of course if you are struggling with any of that, let us know and we can develop a solution together.

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