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So we’re almost at the end of the journey. Your product/project has been designed, printed, manufactured, finished, and boxed… And we need to get it in your hands. Below we’ll outline dispatch, how we get your job to you, turnaround information, and what happens on the rare occasion where there has been some sort of a mistake.

Dispatch & Delivery:
  • Local jobs are usually dispatched each morning/early arvo. Time varies depending on a few factors. If your delivery is metro Melbourne, we have our own couriers to cover a good 40km radius around the CBD for same-day delivery. If the stars align and one of our staff is close by, we do personal deliveries all the time. We love meeting our clients and forming long-lasting professional relationships.
  • Personally delivered jobs will be left somewhere safe if permission is granted. We can communicate via chat, text, call, or email when it comes to delivery location/instructions. We’ll let you know where we left it and provide you a photo.
  • If you’re out in the greater Melbourne area, rural Victoria, or in any other capital city/state, we have deals in place with Australia Post and all major Australian courier companies to get that job to you with security and tracking… For free.
  • Australia Post and all major Australian courier companies usually leave the item somewhere safe if permission is granted, but certain items will need to be signed for extra security. Australia Post and StarTrack are one and the same, and if nobody is around to collect the item when a signature is recommended or required, then this will bounce over to your local post office, or in some instances returned to the courier depot or back to us. Other courier companies such as TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, or Fastway have their own protocols in place. It’s an absolute rarity, but if your parcel ever goes missing, we will have tracking and will let you know where it ends up.
  • We have printing hubs and partners in every major city, but certain jobs can’t always be printed in the city that is closest to you. Sometimes it’s actually more practical and faster to get it printed in our Melbourne factory and expressed out. We normally only allow an extra day for overnight shipping but sometimes there are unseen delays with couriers and air freight that are out of our control. We will keep you in the loop every step of the way.
Turnaround Time:
  • A general rule of thumb in the world of print is that the earlier in the week and more specifically the earlier in the morning we load the job, the quicker the turnaround. Most general print jobs need to be submitted before 11:30am to go on the next available print run. That could be minutes later or days later depending on the product you have ordered.
  • Certain paper stocks and certain product categories may only be printed once or twice weekly, so for bigger projects or jobs with critical deadlines, we recommend getting your artwork confirmed and uploaded days or weeks in advance.
  • Quite a few of our standard products like promotional cards, business cards, flyers, posters, and brochures are dispatched within 24 hours of loading the job.
  • These jobs are usually standard paper stocks or popular items we print daily. These need to be in the system before 11:30am to be sent out the next day. Hell, why not email it through the night before?
  • Always remember to get in touch with us if you have specific deadlines to meet as the delivery schedule is no longer in our control after we have dispatched it.
Returns & Refunds:
  • Please contact us right away if your item arrives damaged or the quality isn’t up to scratch. We triple-check everything before dispatch so we need to know if there’s been a quality control lapse. Your designated account manager will respond to you personally to fix the problem. It’s extremely rare, but if we can’t fix the problem with a free reprint, we will refund you 100%.
Complaints, Questions, Enquiries or Feedback:

If you need to get in touch with us regarding delivery or the status of your job, please contact us:

Postal address only:

  • Suite 2, 31-37 The Mall, HEIDELBERG WEST VIC 3081

ABN: 89 814 656 904

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